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Self-Pay Fees

Line art for Back to Health Chiropractic

We welcome patients without insurance or those with limited coverage,

and offer a time-of-service fee reduction for our services. For those with limited insurance coverage there may be additional fees along with your regular copay/coinsurance.

For additional savings, health packages can be purchased at the front desk. 

Our current self-pay fee schedule is:


New patient office visit:
Follow up office visit:
Dry needling session:
Spinal decompression session:
Class IV infrared hot laser session:
Additional therapies:
(with limited insurance)
          (electric stimulation/ultrasound)

Spine and floral artwork for Back to Health Chiropractic and Wellness


Line art for Back to Health Chiropractic

We accept many insurance plans and are happy to check your benefits as a courtesy. 

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